Who am I?

When a GNC reader recently pointed out my antipodean spelling I thought it might be past time that I actually introduced myself.  As the tags on my post say, my name is Matthew and I live with my wife and kids in Melbourne Australia.  While I studied IT in college my career has taken me more into the business side of technology and I have post graduate qualifications in marketing and economics (micro) and an MBA from Melbourne Business School.

For the last 10 years I have been working as an IT and business consultant for a couple of multinational vendors.  My work has mainly involved working with very large companies, helping them develop and implement IT strategies and change initiatives.  I am still a geek at heart and love my gadgets, but my expertise is in how big business can use technology.

While I have been consuming blogs for some time I only started blogging in earnest earlier this year.  I have thought for some time that the focus of IT commentary is squarely on the consumer space.  While this is where most of the cool stuff happens, its not where IT companies make their money, that comes from the business sales.  I thought I could contribute some of that focus to the general discussion.

I have my own site at businessgeek.org where I post some of my more business focused commentary.  These are typically longer articles that often contain a bit of financial analysis.  If I think they might be of interest to the GNC audience I sometimes post a summary here as well.

I’ve been part of the Ohana since somewhere in the 40’s.  When Todd offered me the chance to contribute to GNC I was honoured.  While family and the day job may cause variation, I am hoping to keep a good flow of articles coming into the site.  In keeping with the style Todd has created, these will offer more than just a link to information and offer some perspective, or a new take on the story.  I’m keen to get your feedback on whether you like the style of my posts and any constructive feedback is gratefully accepted.  You can email me at matthew@businessgeek.org or Todd will forward on any feedback you send to him.  I have profiles on most of the social network sites, but the only one I actively use is Facebook, you can find the link to my profile on businessgeek.

Thanks to all that have commented on my posts and checked out businessgeek so far.  I hope make a meaningful contribution.