The iPhone Excitment is Gone

I have been asking people I meet that have an iPhone what they think about the latest movements by Apple to keep the iPhone locked down tight. Most have responded that they really are not happy with Apple!

When I push further and ask them if they think the main reason Apple is locking the phone down is that they are trying to ensure that those that pay to play are the only companies that get apps on iPhone? The answers I get are varied but most agree as well.

The iPhone is no different than the majority of phones launched in the United States. From here on out those that have big fat wallets are the only companies that will be able to afford to license applications for the iPhone. Plus those applications are usually tied to commercial pay to play services. In this case which Apple will get a cut of.

It is obvious that Nokia is trying to do the right thing with the Nokia N95 They have been successful in generating major buzz about the phone and I think I am going to go ahead and buy one and ebay my unlocked iPhone on ebay.

Apple also has to make sure AT&T is happy by keeping the phone locked. My prediction is that sales will slow on the iPhone and the early adopters will be much more unlikely to early adopt and purchase products from Apple again. Engadget

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  1. I think many of the Apple faithful will put the blame on AT&T for many of these issues since they believe that Steve & Co can do no wrong. So, they’ll early adopt Apple products again….

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