Linus Frustrated by Linux Developers

Linus Torvalds has apparently been frustrated with the collective approach to producing code, with a group of security researchers.  According to the security researchers nothing less than perfect security is acceptable, and they believe that having multiple security options means that a security module manager (LSM) cannot be removed, which is a theoretical security hole.

This is always a problem with development teams, when you spend a lot of effort and brain power coming up with a solution to a problem it is natural to get emotionally invested in it.  These type of fights tend to be inevitable at this point.  I am expecting that there will be some FUD flying after this about the ‘dangers of open source development, but in reality I view this as a example of strength in the model.

All development groups (and I mean all) have these arguments, the only difference with this one is that it is in the open.  In these situations a good leader is needed to make what is the optimal decision with no perfect answer and Linus is doing this admirably.  Sometimes the ‘boffins’ need a reality check as well.  This is a common and healthy development process, and the fact that it occurs under public scrutiny means the person making the decision knows that they are publicly responsible.  I much prefer this method than the politically expedient method that is more likely if the decision is behind closed doors.

If you are interested in the complete email chain its here.  Turn your geek dial up to 11 before attempting it though.