GNC-2007-09-25 #304

Glad to be back in the saddle and I have a great opportunity for everyone to participate in a cool fund raiser that I am kicking off in this show.

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Listener Links:
VOIP Privacy
Voyager Images
Pretty Funny from
ImageStation Shutdown
Linksys Kiss 1600
Mac Backup Article 1
Mac Backup Article 2

Show Notes:
Lots of HD Channels but no HDTV
New Solar Panels
Men on Mars by 2037
Coolest Tech Job Ever
Amazing Magic Trick
Cybercrook turned Snitch for FBI
Starbucks 50 Million Songs
Don’t mess with this Donkey
Microsoft to buy Stake in Facebook?
Cool Pictures
RIAA Looses Another One
NBC Very Foolish
iPhone headset Adapters
Downgrade to XP for Real
Mini Camcorder
FeedDemon Popular Topic
F.B.I. and Cyber Crime Priority
Gmail Mobile Improves
One Laptop Per Child Promotion
DocuSign a service who’s time has come.
Mars Water
Free Phone calls NOT!
Germs turn into Super Germs in Space

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