T-Mobile Edge Network and the iPhone

Well I understand why Sprint and Verizon are kicking the heck out of both AT&T and T-Mobile when it comes to connection speeds. This afternoon I had the chance to put AT&T and T-Mobile head to head on their respective Edge Networks with the iPhone.

Here in Hawaii it took my website about 43 seconds to load on T-Mobile Edge. It too AT&T 31 seconds to load my website. As compared to Sprint EVDO Rev A which took a total of 6 seconds.

What surprises me is that AT&T was so slow. I expected slow from T-Mobile but I was surprised that AT&T was not significantly faster than T-Mobile.

Now I am sure the AT&T folks are not happy that people are using T-Mobile with the iPhone but based on the reaction I am seeing from people when shown a iPhone running T-Mobile I think they will be facing some significant challenges. As unlocking the phone becomes more popular.

But again I remain completely un-impressed with the Edge network it is like living in the dark ages but hey Apple made their bed and now have to deal with it.

Ohh by the way if you need the APN for T-Mobile for your iPhone it is internet2.voicestream.com

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  1. So, question…

    I’m using T-mobile as my network, but even if an iPhone was strategically given to AT&T, I can buy my own iPhone from an Apple store, ‘unlock’ it, and I could be using it with my T-Mobile plan. I love T-mobile, anf i’m really ‘diggin’ this iPhone look, so I should bet one and ‘make’ it work? Is that a LEGAL alternative to using my T.Mobile network and an Apple iPhone?

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