The question is now what will Apple and AT&T do

Everyone has gone stark raving mad over the fact that you can now unlock an iPhone and put a different SIM in it. Heck, there is a commercial hack and also a open source hack so even folks that are broke after buying the phone can now drop a T-Mobile SIM in and laugh all the way to the bank.

This is probably one of the reasons T-Mobile made some data rate changes. I am sure they are expecting a bunch of people with T-Mobile accounts to pull their SIMs out of their phones and drop them in a iPhone now.

I will be visiting a local Apple location tomorrow and picking me up a iPhone but you can bet that it will not remain locked for long.

The real question we have to ask is how over the top is AT&T going to go on this or will they get smart and make their data and phone plans compete with T-Mobile so that guys like me who have T-Mobile accounts would be more inclined to switch.

Heck I have three phones on my current T-Mobile plan with 2000 minutes a month airtime for under a $100.00 bucks for the lot. Don’t think that AT&T can compete with that. While I use Sprint for my EVDO service for my business both AT&T and T-Mobile cannot compete with Sprint over their superior data services.

While AT&T is sure to be upset and will go after sites legally this is a real win for Apple if they don’t get stupid and program the hacks out of the phone. I am sure their engineers are working on it though as AT&T wants some of that 5-year love they have been promised by the boys at Apple.

My bet? It will be a all out war for a while and while I could see some of us having to put our iPhones on Ebay it sure will be fun having a iPhone to show friends with the T-Mobile logo running on the phone. Engadget

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