Interview at CES 2007 Interview at the 2007 Consumer Electronics show save money with

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One thought on “ Interview at CES 2007

  1. Went over to check out ‘smarter dot com’ and was not impressed in the least. I didn’t spend an extensive amount of time on the site, just 10 minutes or so, because thats all it too for me to realize it is useless as a shopping tool.

    * Prices are not accurate in the least. The prices they listed for a camera I have been looking into were incorrect on many of the major vendors like B&H photo, Zipzoomfly, Best buy, CircuitCity and on and on. Somtimes off by over $75. I also know its not just because something got updated a day or two ago, Ive been following this cameras price for several weeks, and so I can tell that many of these prices listed are well out of date 2+ weeks at least.

    * No pre-screening of vendors. They have an on-site review engine, but apparently do absolutely no sort of checking out vendors before placing them on their site. One very well known scam website is listed as the cheapest for the camera I was looking for. I recognize their name as one to beware of, and checked out ‘reseller ratings’ score for kicks…..they have BELOW a 1 out of 10 rating…I’ve never seen a vendor rated so poorly. So if you go to smarter, you’d better be careful, because even the worst vendors can get placed on the sale list.

    Nice try I guess, but I’m staying away.

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