Zune to have Podcasting Support Later!

Someone on the Zune team said podcasting support will be rolled into the Zune later but it wasn’t ready for the product launch. I am hoping the team is listening to the community and not going it on their own like the folks at Apple have.

Here are just a few of my ideas and if you want to beat Apple this is some things your gonna have to do.

  • Put the Podcatcher Application on the Player (make it easy for listeners)
  • Tie the Podcatcher Application to WiFi that works
  • Allow the unit to download new cast anytime it connects to a WiFi Hotspot
  • Integrate a Podcast Directory on the Unit that is Current.
  • Kill Podfaded Shows from the Directory
  • Do not allow Funky Characters to Game the Directory Listing
  • Reach out to the community to test the integration and give feedback
  • Be fair in highlighting content the same self perpetuating top 100 list on Apple is BS

I could go on. Pretty simple really, the question is are they up to the challenge? [Zunester]

One thing for sure it would be nice if this team would have talked to the community. I am not going to cut them any slack non the less. The Podcast Integration should have been a weeks worth of work from a experienced coder and hell they could have out sourced it.