Panasonic HD-PLC High Speed Power Line Network Review

PanasonicFor a long time I have wanted to re-locate some of my computer equipment to a new location in my home. The machines that I want to re-locate need to be on a dedicated LAN connection versus wireless.

When the folks at Panasonic sent me a HD-PLC High Speed Power Line Network starter kit I really did not know what to expect.

My test was pretty simple. I plugged the master unit into the wall socket and connected a lan cable from the master unit to my Linksys Router. I took the terminal unit down to my Garage plugged it into the wall socket and ran a ethernet cable into a machine that was currently using wireless but at the very edge of the wireless reception range. I turned off the wireless connection enabled the Lan and immediately the computer in the garage established a standard Lan connection to my router upstairs through the power line. I thought to myself I am going to have to buy a pair of these!

I ran a speed test on my machine hooked up directly to the router in my office and then compared the speed results on the machine in the garage. The difference was negligible. Security is not an issue as these units are paired to one another manually. I am really excited that I can connect the terminal unit to a standard hub or buy second terminal unit.

What this will do is allow the Master Unit to be paired with multiple Terminal units thus I can have a power line lan where wireless is not practical.

My plan is to hook my media center PC up to one of the terminal units so that we get better performance versus wireless. The starter kit is the perfect solution for those that don’t want to do wireless or have a file server hid away someplace. The starter kit retails at $199.00 but I found them online cheaper. All homes have electrical sockets so the best part here is that you don’t need to punch holes in the wall to run a lan connection. [Panasonic HD-PLC Ethernet Adaptor Starter Pack]

Hey Pansonic do I really need to send these back

Disclaimer: Panasonic provided these units on loan for me to review, there was no guarantee of favorable review. The units in question have been tested for a minimum of 3 days in a real world conditions.