Top Digg users should focus on their own Blogs

DiggTop Digg users are crying like kids having the car keys taken away over the algorithm changes that were put in place recently at Digg. Over the past couple of years I have probably submitted a dozen stories to Digg their with varying results but the question is why beyond ego would I care if I became a top digger? Those that spend a lot of time digging stories are not getting paid. I quit helping other people get rich a long time ago. The only thing they are getting is bragging rights.

If those top diggers would focus there efforts in putting that information on their own blogs I would be inclined to subscribe to those top diggers blogs and grace them with hit counts. I am always looking for good stories to link to. These folks obviously have a talent to finding good stories so their is no doubt in my mind that they would make good bloggers.

But instead for the last couple of days they have been crying about how they have been screwed over and how Kevin Rose is not participating in the discussion. At least they took that to their own blogs. []