Tech Podcast Round Table This Saturday

Announcing a Tech Podcast Round Table
Saturday October 28th
1:30 PM Pacific, 4:30 Eastern

Our Lineup is not a 100% complete but we will be Covering TalkShoe Pamela, Google Coop along with covering other Technical Topics

Important Changes Below

To attend the event this coming Saturday follow the instructions below, please be aware that Windows is required for the Interactive Presentation using GotoMeeting, we encourage all Mac users to tune into TalkShoe for Audio, and submit questions via the TalkShoe Chat.

# 1st – 15 min. before event starts, click this the link listed in the e-mail or click here and let the GoToMeeting software install. The actual meeting code is 605-156-082

# 2nd – Important Notice:  We are now using a service called TalkShoe and we hope that you will join us on Talkshoe, as this will be our primary Audio connection method. Show up about 15 minutes early download and install the Talkshoe client. You can Skype In or connect to TalkShoe via dial up. This is the Link to TalkShoe

# 3rd – At a last resort you can join our live Skypecast as well! Bt we prefer that you connect via TalkShoe

GotoMeeting is the way we will be doing the online presentation so you will want to run GotoMeeting in the Foreground!