Vista the Operating System that isn’t getting my money in 2007!

Earlier in the year I was all set on putting capitol investment in software to upgrade all of my office and home’s computers to Windows Vista, most of them exceed the minimum requirements needed to run the new operating system.

I had planned to carry the budget line item over into next years budget, but after hearing today that Vista is likely to slip again I fired up the financial software about hour ago and removed the line item I had reserved. I also removed all hardware upgrades I was gonna do to make sure the desktops had more than the required minimums.

I made a command decision to continue to run Windows XP and the few remaining desktops with Windows 2000 on it for another couple of years. If Microsoft cannot get there act together, why should I include them in my budget and planning. I have always been a early adopter, the budget I have always had for software at work and home has been significant. That will not be a issue for 2007 as we are not buying.

Best way to punish Microsoft at this point for not being able to get there act together is to zero those budgets out for software and hardware upgrades and not worry about it for a couple of years. Sure we will have a couple of test machines for regression testing etc, but I am not buying Microsoft software in 2007. [PC World]

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  1. So you would prefer MS to release a buggy product and then blame them when things don’t work or there is a problem with security?

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