Drag and Drop Content from one site to the Other!

Imagine going over to your Flickr account, grabbing a picture you have their and dragging it with all of it’s metadata attached into your blog and have your blog automatically update and allow your comments plus update the flickr page to tell it where the picture is being displayed.

Or how about grabbing a RSS icon and dragging it onto your bloglines account and having the RSS automatically added to your subscription list while at the same time giving attention back and letting the persons know that you are now a subscriber.

Sound pretty cool, well the days of being able to drag and drop data may be very close at hand, tie this to voice recognition technology and the fantasy of orchestrating data with a simple drag and drop may soon be upon us. [Ray Ozzie] [Dave Winer]

Note: Take the time to login and check out the demo’s, it is obvious that Ray Ozzie and Bill Gates are on the same page as these ideas cross over from the CES Keynote by Bill Gates