Had one of our alert readers submit the link to the SongBird website, which is suffering from a combined Slashdot and a Digg at this moment. I was able to download the application though and my first impression is that is an application that is going to reside on the desktop of a lot of computers.

What is it, well its a music player on steroids, you can browse like a web browser, but what is unique is that it looks like a music player with pre-listed sites to find music and you can also listen to podcast pretty easy. When you browse this website it detects the MP3 files linked on the page and puts them in a mini playlist that you can play on the fly. I don’t think it is auto detecting the RSS Feed yet but I have not gotten that deep in.

This is going to help the non technically inclined in a big way. Even though the application is a little buggy the team over their have come up with what I think is going to be a smash hit. I have already alerted my development team to start looking at extensions we can build to help people that visit our family of websites..

It is definitively worth a look and a download. Here is a link to longer [review] and the actual [website].