Adobe Audition Version 2.0 is Terrible

Well I paid for a upgrade to Adobe Audition 2.0 and I have to say it was a big mistake. They have really blew it in the new design. What was a very nice piece of software in version 1.5 has been ruined. Part of it is how they are doing the Audio patching, I have messed with it for about 3 hours and still cannot capture audio from a application on the desktop.

With Audition 1.5 I was able to choose what you hear as a sound source and audition would pick up not only the microphone input but any tracks I played on quicktime, winamp, windows media player. But for now the new version does not allow this. It also is doing something funky in the sample rate department by forcing me to only have 48,000 as a selection versus the 44,100.

I am also presented with like 30 audio patching options, the weakness in this application so far is definitely the way the audio patching is setup, it is not for the faint at heart. Messages to support on the issues have remained unanswered so I am continuing to use Adobe Audition 1.5 podcasters I do not recommend Audition 2.0, I will keep you advised if they fix these things.

Also once again no deesser with this version.

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2 thoughts on “Adobe Audition Version 2.0 is Terrible

  1. Hi I was reviewing audition 1.5 and was really impressed with the features, especially the area where you can select multiple soundcards to patch signals into the program. I have heard alot about audition 2.0 and was blown away by the new features, until I read that the program can only use one sound card at a time, because of its ASIO driver. I find this really ridiculous that a previous version will have a feature that 2.0 doesn’t. Can you clarify this? Also if the above is true do you have a fix? I am shopping around for a software, if there is a fix for this then it’s a done deal.

  2. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having problems in the new version. It’s true that Audition 2 has added a layer of complexity onto audio hardware use, which was necessary in order to provide ASIO support and the low-latency connection to the soundcard that can provide. Still, you should be able to do exactly what you were able to do in 1.5.

    Recording everything that’s coming out of your computer is actually a setting of your sound card, and not Audition specifically. This was the case in 1.5 as well. Likely because 1.5 works and 2.0 does not it means that the driver is not set on the proper device for recording. Go into Edit->Audio Hardware Setup and make sure that you are using Audition Windows Sound. That will cause Audition to use the DirectSound driver instead of ASIO, which generally does NOT have the capability to record other applications. Then, click the Control Panel button and make sure that the hardware you want to use is checked and then click OK. Finally, select the sound card as your recording device. You can set different devices for Edit, Multitrack, and Surround so also check to see if the device is set up for the view you are working in.

    If you have this set up and can record from the right sound card but not other applications, double-click on the speaker icon in your system tray to get the sound card’s mixer, go to Options->Properties, click the Recording radio button, and make sure that all the items are checked. You’ll want to select “Wave Out Mix” or “Monitor Mix” to record all sound coming from your system. Each sound card calls it something different.

    For more information, there is a Tech Doc available at

    The sample rate readout will be showing the last-used or default sample rate. Audition will always play out at the native sample rate regardless of this dialog’s readout.

    Finally, there’s no dedicated deesser, but there are a few deesser presets in the dynamics processor.

    –Hart Shafer
    Sr. Product Manager
    Adobe Audition

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