So you want to run OSX on the Intel Based PC on your Desk?

That’s right my geek friends have a spare computer laying around and I think you could have yourself a weekend of fun loading Apple OSX (Developers Edition) on your Intel based PC that you have stored in a closet. May be a bit buggy but it sure will be a lot of fun to show it off to the geek next door who just purchased a dual processor G5. [Extreme Tech]

Rub it in a little and install the build on a high end Pentium 4 that you got for $500.00

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2 thoughts on “So you want to run OSX on the Intel Based PC on your Desk?

  1. One main caveat here folks before you get all excited.. read this from the Extreme Tech Article.

    ” The choice of motherboard is crucial for this project: Intel’s D915GAVL. It won’t set the world on fire with its performance, but it’s almost the exact same motherboard Apple used. The board features four on-board SATA ports, dual-channel memory slots, x16, x4, and x1 PCI Express slots, and the GMA900 video chipset

  2. I seems sacrilegious to have such a beautiful, fast, powerful, virus-free, spyware-free, and solid operating system like OSX on an ugly old piece of crap like my beige PC box I have in the closet. But I figure if I run a real long cable or two, I maybe able to keep that loud, ugly box in the closet and just appreciate the beauty and functiuonality of OSX.
    Seriously, I hope everyone has the chance to run OSX on their PC.. its what computing was meant to be.

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