Turned on to a new BitTorrent Client

You want to know how powerful a weblog post can be. This morning I read on Scripting News that Chris Pirillo was raving about a new BitTorrent client. I clicked on over there and sure enough looks good. Good enough for Chris to make a mention good enough for me to try. Forty-Five seconds after uTorrent has been on my machine Azerus is coming off. This application would have likely not crossed my radar until I started doing some more research on how to make the BitTorrent experience more transparent for podcast listeners. Great post Thanks Dave an Chris

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3 thoughts on “Turned on to a new BitTorrent Client

  1. This is a great BT client.

    The uPNP didn’t work as good as Azureus for me but otherwise it has the same functionality as what I used in Azureus. Azureus is still on my PC but it will probably be coming off in the next day or so.

    The memory footprint is soooooo much smaller.

    Thanks for the great tip!

  2. One word: WOW! its. so. small! its like an ipod nano i can fit it in my pocket! yet its so functional! Utorrent should be the next “ipod nano” because of this! :)

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