Attention Geeks your Chance to be on Tyra Banks Show!

Notice: Geek News Central has not been paid to provide this announcement consider it a opportunity from the Geek here at Geek News Central. Big Thanks to Brooke!

I was going to spill this on the Podcast Friday, but I was informed today that the deadline has moved up, and I need to spill the beans early. Here is the deal if you are between 21, and 35, single, male, and are a geek that has had trouble in the dating world, aka you have had some dating disasters or just don’t get out from behind the computer monitor long enough to meet people, their is a opportunity for you so read on!

The soon to Premier Tyra Banks Show is offering you a expense paid trip to Los Angles, were you will have a life changing experience. Here is what you need to do, get your digital camera out, comb your hair, smile, and take a picture of yourself. Compose an e-mail with that picture outlining a dating disaster or explain that your spending to much time surfing the net or whatever the issue may be, in finding a quality date. You will want to definitely mention in that e-mail that you read Geek News Central and you are self proclaimed Geek. Send that to the linked e-mail address below.

If you want to be real cool and, let your geek side out, you can take a short video (keep it short) of yourself explaining a dating disaster or whatever your pitch may be. If you produce a video upload it to your website and provide a hyper-link to it, do not attach video to any e-mails.

Let’s think about this Free trip to LA, New Clothes, radical haircut and you may even get hooked up on a date by Tyra Banks. Best thing is you get to be on National TV with Tyra and have your 30 minutes of fame. That will be worth some major bragging rights when you get home. Send your e-mail as soon as possible no later than Friday. You will have to provide a contact telephone number and your Real Name. Deadline July 8, 2005

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