Apple’s Refusal to talk to community causing problems!

We have been waiting for a week for some sort of word from Apple on a RSS tag clarification. Now 1000’s of RSS feeds across the world are being reported invalid because Apple refuses to make any comments to the community or fix their mistake in their specifications document. Another thing that blows my mind is that their own published DTD is locked behind a firewall. This document is what we are supposed to be officially following is not publicly viewable

This is utterly unsatisfactory. First they throw a dozen tags at us to get incorporated, and developers and podcasters worldwide rushed to get them installed, and now a week later they have yet to clarify a mistake in their own published specifications document. What is the deal Apple and why will you not talk to the community.

Are you afraid to talk to us because it will open the door for us to make suggestions. Comments sent to a dozen e-mail contact numbers I have at Apple, have went unanswered. Apple Fix it Today so that we can get this mess you created fixed.

So come on Apple is it itunes:image or itunes:link

Update: Hey Apple you need to read this, looks like your issues go much deeper than what I have discussed

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