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Geek Fashion

Just because you are a geek (or a nerd), it doesn’t mean that you can’t be a fashionable geek. Fortunately, geek is in this year as is blue, don’t-cha-know, and the 2modern blog have put together some of the latest accessories that are achingly hip and trendy.

Celebrate your inner geek! Most of the stuff is available from Etsy for not very much money.

Do Geeks Like Humans?

I remember reading an interesting quote from the creator of the comic strip “Dilbert” in Fast Company magazine, if I remember correctly. He was talking about how people in office workplaces like their gadgets and often times have almost no interaction with other people. He said he talked to many people who said they kept to themselves with tech gadgets like mp3 players because they “did not like people, ANY people they worked with”. That is a profound statement by any standards. I am an introvert myself so I love gadgets that entertain me instead of having to make small talk with people I will likely never see again. Being an introvert means more than being shy. It means I am content with my own thoughts in my mind without needing other people to entertain me. So I use an mp3 player to increase my knowledge of thoughts & ideas that are already interesting to me. In other words, why should I talk to people who likely have nothing in common with me when I can listen to carefully chosen podcasts or audio books or even watch videos of my choosing? It’s not that I don’t like other humans, as I do meet interesting people at events and gatherings. But most of the time it is small talk or subjects that are not interesting to me. I am not saying these people are boring, but….. These people are boring. Just kidding it is more likely that I am the boring one. I just have different interests than most people I am around.

The podcasts I listen to are about tech (GNC), liberty (Free Talk Live), money (Dave Ramsey), and business (Dan Miller) so it is unlikely I am going to bump into people in my area who are more informed than the hosts of these podcasts. It is possible that I could & if I don’t try then I guess I will not. I am not trying to convert anyone to my views so I don’t need a group to discuss things with. Really the only people I try to influence are my children & my wife (that is a challenge!) unless someone asks my opinion or tries to sell their opinion to me. Then I have to respond if I disagree since I cannot help myself.

It is a mistake to think most people you meet will not be likeable & just keep to your gadgets though. I know this because some of the best people I know could have ignored me instead of striking up a conversation which lead to great relationships. So geeks do need people too they just may not be the first to reach out or pull out their earbuds.

Attention Geeks your Chance to be on Tyra Banks Show!

Notice: Geek News Central has not been paid to provide this announcement consider it a opportunity from the Geek here at Geek News Central. Big Thanks to Brooke!

I was going to spill this on the Podcast Friday, but I was informed today that the deadline has moved up, and I need to spill the beans early. Here is the deal if you are between 21, and 35, single, male, and are a geek that has had trouble in the dating world, aka you have had some dating disasters or just don’t get out from behind the computer monitor long enough to meet people, their is a opportunity for you so read on!

The soon to Premier Tyra Banks Show is offering you a expense paid trip to Los Angles, were you will have a life changing experience. Here is what you need to do, get your digital camera out, comb your hair, smile, and take a picture of yourself. Compose an e-mail with that picture outlining a dating disaster or explain that your spending to much time surfing the net or whatever the issue may be, in finding a quality date. You will want to definitely mention in that e-mail that you read Geek News Central and you are self proclaimed Geek. Send that to the linked e-mail address below.

If you want to be real cool and, let your geek side out, you can take a short video (keep it short) of yourself explaining a dating disaster or whatever your pitch may be. If you produce a video upload it to your website and provide a hyper-link to it, do not attach video to any e-mails.

Let’s think about this Free trip to LA, New Clothes, radical haircut and you may even get hooked up on a date by Tyra Banks. Best thing is you get to be on National TV with Tyra and have your 30 minutes of fame. That will be worth some major bragging rights when you get home. Send your e-mail as soon as possible no later than Friday. You will have to provide a contact telephone number and your Real Name. Deadline July 8, 2005

Single Geek’s will want to tune in to Fridays Podcast

Ok fellows I just got off the phone with a representative from the Tyra Banks Show which is taping now to premier this fall, and they are on the hunt for Single Geeks, on Friday I will be announcing how you may be able to get a chance to be on the Tyra Banks Show. You have to listen to the Podcast to get the details.

Do you remember when I told you, on a earlier podcast that Geek’s are in, and that Geeks are the hottest commodity on the market today. Well Tyra knows this as well, this is an opportunity for you to get some exposure on National Television and to possibly get hooked up on a date by Tyra herself, only Single Geeks will be able to apply. So make sure you listen to the Podcast. As a precursor to the show you will need to start digging around for a picture and have pen and paper ready!

Sorry Ladies this offer is only going out to the guys.