Whatever Sony has cooking it’s unbelivable!

Sony Revolution is the name of the video clip this video you have to watch, watch it closely and then come back and tell me what you think this is and what it’s all about. I have watched this 4 times and I am still scratching my head. [Gprime.net]

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2 thoughts on “Whatever Sony has cooking it’s unbelivable!

  1. I remember seeing something like this (but much cruder) in a Microsoft “house of the future” item on the BBC. – I think!

    The Microsoft example was set in a kitchen where you placed things that looked like square coasters onto a “noticeboard” type panel, say the coaster was labeled Weather, when you placed in onto the notice board it “lit up” with weather symbols for the forecast for the next 5 days. The coolest example was what looked like a printed promo for the local Pizza shop. When you placed that on the board you got todays specials menu and the ability to place an order through the coaster ! ! !

  2. I am not quite sure exactly what I saw there either but, WOW!!!!! that looks freaking cool!
    If that is a prototype for something they are thinking of producing, that is going to turn the computing World on it’s ear.

    Thanks for posting that link.

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