EFF Steps in to Stop The Apple Subpoenas

The Subpoenas that Apple filed against Powerpage and Apple Insider are about to be challenged by EFF lawyers who on Monday filed a protective order with the California Superior Court. The subpoenas are part of Apple’s attempt to discover who has been leaking its trade secrets to online publications. Apple filed subpoenas aimed at discovering the identities of twenty “John Does” that Apple alleges revealed information about upcoming products.

There is a full article on this at MacCentral News. In it they said, “In a statement, EFF staff attorney Kurt Opsahl said that Apple subpoenaed PowerPage publisher Jason O’Grady’s Internet service provider (ISP) Nfox.com, to make them turn over e-mails sent to O’Grady. Opsahl contends that Apple’s action “undermines a fundamental, First Amendment right that protects all reporters.” What’s more, the EFF claims that Nfox.com, by revealing the contents of O’Grady’s e-mail, now stands in violation of the Stored Communications Act (SCA).”

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