Vloging on a Mac

We all know about blogging and we are becoming more familiar with the term podcasting. But here’s another buzzword which is slowly saturating itself throughout the net, it’s called Vloging. Video blogging, or Vloging was first brought to my attention by Jay Curtis at Your Mac Life. I subsequently found some great vlogs when the first Vloggercon was held last month in NYC. What if you decide to become part of the Vlog community? Well if you’re using a Mac, it might be a lot easier then you imagine.

iVeZeen from Boinx software is a $14.95 program which works with your iSight camera or many other firewire or USB webcams. iVeZeen has a one button interface with several presets to make it easy to create a Quicktime .mov file for distribution on the web or with emails. Get a demo key and try it for yourself. I did.

I did a short review vlog of iVeZeen to show you how simple it was, even a broadcast Neanderthal like myself could do it. Grab it here and see for yourself. (This is an 8 meg download)

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