How Apple is going to screw webloggers!

Most of you should already know that Apple is suing several sites that are devoted Mac fans. They have decided that because someone either at Apple or a contractor is spreading juicy information to these sites, that they are going to sue them into telling who is giving them the information. If Think Secret decides to fight Apple I am going give them a donation to help them with their legal cost.

Why would I do that, well how long will it be before someone passes me a juicy tip and I write about it and piss some company off. As has been mentioned around the blogsphere if this had been the New York Times or PC World they would not have touched them with a 10 foot pole.

One thing I can do immediately is this, I will no longer purchase any iTunes music or purchase any sort of Apple product as a consumer I can also make a statment with my pocket-book.


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