The TV Revolution is upon us!

Cold beads of sweat are forming on the brows of Television Executives and Cable companies throughout the world, over a device that has been designed that allows those on a broadband connection to stream TV shows from a PC to anyplace in the world. A inventor by the name of Ken Schaffer has a custom PC that is streaming TV video from his Moscow apartment to his second home in New York.

I really don’t have to say this, but do you realize that connectivity between New York and Moscow is probably pretty bad. With a 384k stream he is able to watch any of the 60 stations in Moscow sitting in New York. The custom PC is not cheap but give them a few months and those of us that travel or miss shows from overseas will have this hooked up.

My wife being Japanese will more than likely approve the purchase immediately. She will be able to watch any of the 100 channels that her parents subscribe to, plus this gives the kids a chance to brush up on their Japanese by watching kids shows instead of the boring elderly focused 4 channel programming offered by Oceanic Cable in Hawaii. Not only that if you can stream TV with this bandwidth you surely can stream video…

Folks this is beyond huge read the full article. [i, Cringley]

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