Podcasting to save Radio?

I honestly didn’t realize Radio needed saving. I listen to a variety of FM stations and spend a lot of time in the AM band listening to talk radio. I must admit I miss a lot of shows because of schedule conflicts, working etc. I do realize the power in podcasting but no matter what their are only so many hours in a day.

Most companies have policies on MP3 players (shock) and some of you work in industries where it isn’t practical to have your iPod or other MP3 player strapped to your belt or on your desk and earphones plugged in. Let alone sync the thing on your work desktop.

Podcasting is being while I commute. I spend 60 minutes in the car each day thus my listening time in the car is limited. Depending on what is happening in my day I may be able to catch a total of 90 minutes of audio that I have pre-programmed to be uploaded into my iPod every day. Due to Hawaii being 6 hours behind the east coast most of the morning programs are finished when I get out of bed. But luckily the data is on the iPod and ready for me to head out the door. Time will tell if Podcasting will actually save Radio. [ILoveRadio.org]

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