Actual Windows Guard (Version 2.5) Review

I have tested a lot of software over the years and yet have never utilized a program to help manage my desktop. I have always dealt with the little quirks and limitations of windows. Many times I have read about a registry change that could be made to make a program or window act differently with varied success rates. I have used programs to enhance performance but never one that allows me to take charge of my desktop.

Actual Windows Guard Version 2.5 allowed me to control what was happening on my desktop. We all like our desktops laid out a certain way, there are programs I like maximized and some that I prefer to be in a certain area of my screen and others that I would rather stay on top all the time (like my spell checker). Actual Windows Guard allows me to control the windows on my desktop they way I want. I have been running Actual Windows Guard on my personal desktop for 3 days and keep being surprised when programs load into the area of the desktop that I have designated.

The list of features is significant. Automatically maximize/minimize windows on startup, Kill pop-up windows, saves window positions, the window on top is terrific. Actual Windows Guard also prevents accidental closing of windows along with allowing me to change the windows titles and set the programs processor priority. Ever have a program that you could not remove from taskbar well those days are gone. The only feature I did not test was the Multilingual support. Actual Windows Guard is relatively easy to use. To download a free demo visit the actual windows site at []

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