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Who is tending the Vista kitchen?

I am not sure who is in charge of Vista development, but based on conversations I have had in the past 3-4 months with the different teams at Microsoft,it is very apparent to me that most have no idea what the other one is doing. It is obvious that serious compartmentalization is taking place.

I am imagine much of there issues revolve around security and by minimizing the amount of information this insures security of product details but it also only allows top managers to know what is going on in other divisions, and if you have a bad manager who does not know how to integrate that information to make sure his divisions goals are meeting the overall strategy that disaster can strike.

It is obvious to me at least that organization is not very good at Microsoft, in that if you have to delay the release of the most anticipated software update in a good number of years again, that they have some very serious organizational problems. Either that or the leaders are to busy playing golf and slapping each other on the back to notice whats cooking in the kitchen.

As a user, consumer and technologist I am highly disappointed with the Vista release announcement, and with the ever growing security threat to the information on our computers it is highly obvious that it is time for some major house cleaning.

Bill Gates promised us that security and this rising threat to malware and spyware would be their top priority several years ago and today we are no closer to getting a handle on it then they where then. Maybe it is time to start seriously looking at Mac

Windows Vista Podcasting Integration

Microsoft reached a major milestone on it’s climb to releasing Windows Vista, in that this months Community Technology Preview is Feature complete. But what’s missing from the preview? Here is what I keep getting asked daily, will Windows Media Player 11 have podcasting support? Well the rumors on the street are really flying.

From the pieces of repeatable information I have picked up here and there, I can guarantee that Microsoft has a lot more than one person working on the podcasting integration. At CES I was told a couple of things but a lot of it was dis-information. One part of the dis-information was that only one person is working the integration and that the person was a new hire. From what I am hearing that could not be further from the truth, if rumors hold true they have some very big guns working the integration/

If rumors are correct they have a whole team that is dedicated to getting the integration done. I probably know more than I should, but until I can get someone to go on the record, all I am gonna say is make sure you have contingency plans to handle the new listeners that Microsoft will bring to the community in addition to the new podcasters that will be joining the party in having podcast creation applications loaded by default on the desktop.

The rumors don’t stop there but thats all I am gonna say for now.