Vista Windows licensing

VistaWendy Seltzer has some very strong words for Microsoft over the Vista Licensing model that has gotten some very bad press as of late.  She commends them for putting the license into plain English but then goes on to discuss why the license is so very bad for consumers. I talked about some of these issues during my last podcast but she breaks the details down into 7 very salient points as listed below.

  1. Self-limiting software
  2. Vanishing functionality through invalidation
  3. Removal of media capabilities
  4. Problem-solving prohibited
  5. Limited mobility
  6. One transfer only and a bonus,
  7. Restrictions on your rights to use MPEG-4 video

Read the full summaries of her 7 points over on her Blog, if you were not concerned about the license structure before you will be after you finish reading her commentary. [Wendy Seltzer]