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I should have upgraded to Vista Sooner!

Like many others I heard the horror stories of running Vista. One month into using Vista and all I can say is why did I wait so long? I am normally a early adopter but I made the mistake of sitting on the fence this time.

BIG Mistake.

I have been a 100% satisfied with the operating system, and while their are a few things that have changed or act differently, Vista is by far the fastest operating system I have ever run and the most flexible.

This is the first time a Microsoft Operating System simply works no second guessing applications scream its a joy to use. I demand a lot our of operating systems as I run a variety of applications, many at the same time, old and new and they all just work.

To all the nay sayers out their, this OS is absolutely better out of the box than my mac was. I am now converting all of my machines that are capable of running vista. Their is no looking back goodbye XP. [5 Reasons]

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GNC-2006-12-29 #228

Last show of the year so I do some wrap up stats and of course bring you a full line of tech with a special performance at the end of the show by my two aspiring artist here in the house.

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Someone at Microsoft has lost their minds!

Well first Microsoft gives bloggers laptops with Vista loaded on it for review and they are told they can do whatever they want with the laptop as in keep it, give it away when they were done with the review.

But shockingly today Microsoft has asked that the laptops be returned after the people get done doing the reviews. There is a term for that which probably is not politically correct but man oh man has someone at Microsoft definitely reacted negatively to the story yesterday.

Talk about turning a small controversy into a PR fiasco. I am quite literally sitting here shaking my head. [Marshall Kirkpatrick]

Microsoft gives Laptops to Bloggers with Vista Loaded!

The first question I have for those that got Laptops from Microsoft is this. Have you ever been critical of the company? My guess is that just like Santa Clause checking his list to see who has been naughty and nice, my guess is that those bloggers that got laptops have been pretty nice to Microsoft.

Don’t get me wrong I think companies sending out software and hardware is a terrific idea but usually when I get gear like that their is a 30 day time limit and I have to send it back. I hope that these bloggers all disclose the gift and manage to stay objective in the opinions they write.

The question is do these bloggers now have to disclose the gift on every article they write about Vista? It will be a interesting experiment to track the blogs and see how they report on Vista thats for sure. [Wired]

Microsoft should reward customer Loyalty

Microsoft-loyaltyMost households in America are now starting to see more than one computer in them. Today my kids share a single PC, and as they get older I am sure each will have to have their own. My wife and I each have laptops. Not to mention the desktop machine I use for show production. A road trip earlier in the year caused me to have an extra laptop that the wife uses, but before she went house mobile she had her own desktop machine.

This makes for a grand total 5 computers in my household all running Windows XP, of those machines 4 of them will be able to upgrade to Windows Vista and all five to Office 2007. When I start putting the calculator to this I realize that probably I can only afford to upgrade two of them with the respective versions I will want to run.

Here is where I get into the crux of the issue. I am a loyal Microsoft user and have a number of computers in my household that I will want to upgrade and because consumers are not afforded volume discounts I will be unable to upgrade them all.

Granted Microsoft usually deals with companies that buy bulk license but how come a consumer who needs to upgrade lets say more than 3 computers cannot be cut a break on the software cost. This reduces the chances that a consumer will try and apply a hack to save some money.

How about it should loyal customers be given discounts on volume purchases?

GNC-2006-12-01 #221

Last chance to win a copy of Dragon Naturally Speaking act fast see bottom of page! This show is LOADED from one end to the other with a technology content with some major soapbox time.

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Vista totally controls your content!

A revelation at a recent Electronics House Expo is making my blood boil. Apparently Microsoft has decided to once again to kick consumers to the curb in restricting your ability to use and distribute content you are paying for.

This issues revolves around the ability of being able to use a CableCard with Vista for those of you that were looking forward to pushing recorded TV content to other PC’s within your homes will not be able to. In an even more shocking development even though Microsoft bowed to the cable industry on this and threw consumers under a bus. They were able to make provisions to be able to send recorded data to a Xbox 360.

It is rumored that those devices that are aka certified as media extenders by Microsoft will be able to be granted download rights as the Xbox 360 does but for now if you want to push videos to other computers in your home you will be restricted from doing this.

This also means pushing that recorded content to a portable media player will be restricted as well. There is no doubt in my mind that Microsoft and all the other big players are so deep in the media industries pockets that consumer rights will continue to be eroded to the point where we will have to ask permission someday to turn a TV on.

With the restrictions CableLabs has placed on vendors, and the cable companies demanding control not to mention how the DMCA has been abused to the loss of consumers it’s surprising that anything even works. [ArsTechnica]