I should have upgraded to Vista Sooner!

Like many others I heard the horror stories of running Vista. One month into using Vista and all I can say is why did I wait so long? I am normally a early adopter but I made the mistake of sitting on the fence this time.

BIG Mistake.

I have been a 100% satisfied with the operating system, and while their are a few things that have changed or act differently, Vista is by far the fastest operating system I have ever run and the most flexible.

This is the first time a Microsoft Operating System simply works no second guessing applications scream its a joy to use. I demand a lot our of operating systems as I run a variety of applications, many at the same time, old and new and they all just work.

To all the nay sayers out their, this OS is absolutely better out of the box than my mac was. I am now converting all of my machines that are capable of running vista. Their is no looking back goodbye XP. [5 Reasons]

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6 thoughts on “I should have upgraded to Vista Sooner!

  1. Just be glad you waited the first few months where aweful. I like Vista, I have found that MOST of my problems with Vista are due to 3rd parties not Microsoft themselves.

    I purchased a new laptop right after Vista came out, if you remember you didn’t get a choice of XP or Vista at the time. When I got the laptop home it took up to 15 minutes to suspend, and after resuming none of the USB ports worked, neither did the audio or built in card reader. A good number of applications simply would not install, and of those that did many didn’t run properly.

    1 year later all is fixed but the card reader, it still does not work after resume. All but a few applications are working correctly.

    In the mean time I installed Ubuntu 7.04, all the features of the Laptop where working better under Linux, than Vista. Being familiar with Linux this drove me to use the OS more than ever. I am now quite comfortable with my Linux laptop and rarely boot into Vista.

  2. Hey Todd thank you finally someone who agrees with me, i fix computers and my fellow technicans are also nay-sayers and tell me dont praise Vista, but i early adopted it, since Beta! I love it and agree with u 100%

  3. Todd,
    I am not sure why but my previous two comments critical of your OSX posts never showed up. Is anyone censoring the comments just because of the content?
    Anyway – the same ComputerWorld has an article out saying that: “Windows is ‘collapsing,’ Gartner analysts warn”. Interesting stuff – worth reading.


  4. I agree with John. Don’t be TOO much in a hurry to switch over. I had my Vista machine running for six months before I felt comfortable with using it as an everyday workhorse. There were issues until the first two or three HUNDRED patches were applied. That is no joke, I’m talking HUNDREDS of patches. Having started using Vista a year late, you are avoiding much of the trouble we early adopters had.

    As with my looooooong voice mail the other day, there are issues. My primary ones are with navigation: stuff isn’t where I expect it to be and I spend a lot of time fumbling around looking for things because they’ve been renamed, regrouped, and just plain ole disappeared! One other ongoing problem I am having that there seems to be no fix for is that any time I plug in a USB storage device, whether it is my iPod or one of my gazillion flash drives, Vista wants to “repair” the drive before I can use it. This is annoying and I’ve always said “don’t repair” because I don’t want it futzing with my data or my iPod. The other annoyance for me is having to say “yes, it’s okay, I MEANT to install this” every time I’m trying to update something or install a new program. Yes, I know it’s for our own protection, but I don’t need it or want it and it is difficult to turn off.

  5. “To all the nay sayers out their, this OS is absolutely better out of the box than my mac was”

    Them’s fightin’ words…

    Seriously though, I used Vista for a few months, and just could not get comfortable with the system. I found it slow and painful. I reverted to XP at work, and never stopped using my Mac at home.

  6. Todd:

    While I am happy that your experience with Vista is positive, I would caution against inferring too much from your one experience. Given that:

    a) a number of the “nay-sayers” you seem to be dismissing were executives of Microsoft, based on the recently released Microsoft emails. The emails were rife with complaints about driver stability, compatibility, etc.

    b) Microsoft felt forced to extend the support period for Windows XP, given that so few people felt like switching

    c) Microsoft has had to backtrack and announce that Windows XP will still be available for budget notebooks and subnotebooks, after both the fraudulent “Vista Capable” debacle, and the recent success of the Asus E PC, proved that Vista in its current is not a suitable OS for budget notebooks and subnotebooks

    d)the overall Vista uptake has been tepid, at best

    I will take the prevailing opinion that Vista is a troubled O/S.

    I’m sure there were folks for whom Windows ME worked just fine.

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