Paypal Scorned for Planned $2500 Penalty #1627

Paypal was going to play moderator of content its customers were posting and impose a $2500 fine for any instance they deemed misinformation. This caught with immediate outrage. The company has denied that this was supposed to be included. I think they were just doing a cover there six uh oh. Also, Geek News Central Podcast turned 18 years yesterday. I will mention it on the next show, as I completely forgot to talk about it tonight, LOL.

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Show Notes:
The first map of the Milky Way Graveyard
China fuels Last Space station Module
32:00YouTube TikTok Battle plan
48:13Starlink V2 Woes
Microsoft Surface Event.
47:03Windows 11 Phishing support.
45:49Whole Food Price Increases.
34:08YouTube users to get Usernames.
44:56SpaceX Images of latest Launch unique.
44:271 Billion Years of Tectonic Plate shifts.
43:25NASA Titan Landing Spot.
42:27Robocall for Landline issues FTC.
27:06No Starlink for China.
42:21How to Delete Paypal Account.
40:47Dutch side with the worker over Webcam.
TikTok Misinformation?
39:51Raspberry PI-3 vs PI-4.
38:595 Smart Kitchen Appliances.
38:31Whatsapp to grow group sizes.
37:26Capstone under control.
36:23Vitamin D3 for ever day.
35:35Xbox streaming device.
34:56Roku Smarthome with help from Wyze.
31:23Hackers shut down 12 airport Websites.

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