Apeman debuts new line of cycling cameras

Do you bike? I don’t mean Something with Harley Davidson or Indian written on the tank, although those fun also. Yes, I mean a bicycle, perhaps a mountain bike; they’re a lot of fun and seeing your ride in hindsight is enjoyable also. Maybe you’ll see where you went wrong, what caused that crash. Although, to be honest, this is more geared for those who do most of their riding on roads as opposed to trails. 

The new line of portable cameras from Apeman is called Seeker. It features a dual screen removable action camera with built-in safety features. 

What does that entail? Well according to the company’s product announcement at this year’s CES, “The SEEKER R1 aims to address the vulnerability of every cyclist by providing the rider with a clear view of any incoming vehicles from the back.  SEEKER R1 is easy to install and can be mounted onto your bicycle in 3 simple steps. The R1 features the new SEEKER Smart Tail Light which combines an intelligent brake light system, an automated taillight and an anti-collision laser bike lane.  The SEEKER F1, which features a mountable front facing camera, will debut alongside SEEKER R1. It sports a powerful headlight with adjustable light settings, to further enhance your visibility even in the dark.” 

No price or release date have yet been announced yet.