Apple will Release Some New Features in iOS 15.2

Bloomberg reported that when Apple releases iOS 15.2, it will come with new features, including scanning for nude photos sent to or from children in Messages. This feature was originally announced in August of 2021, and it was seen as controversial by some.

At that time, Apple attempted to explain that its child safety features were to enable parents to play a more informed role in helping their children navigate communication online. The goal was to prevent children from encountering CSAM through Messenger from photos in iCloud. This alarmed privacy experts, and Apple delayed adding this feature.

Bloomberg explains what to expect from this feature in iOS 15.2:

The image detection works like this: Child-owned iPhones, iPads and Macs will analyze incoming and outgoing images received and sent through the Messages app to detect nudity. If the system finds a nude image, the picture will appear blurred, and the child will be warned before viewing it. If children attempt to send a nude image, they will also be warned.

According to Bloomberg, the child will be able to contact a parent though the Messages app about the situation, but parents won’t automatically receive a notification. That is a change from the initial approach announced in August, where children who attempted to open the blurred photo, or send a nude photo, would trigger Messages to inform their parents about it.

This feature only works on a family-sharing account, and only if parents enable it.

Macworld reported that Apple’s App Privacy Report should be appearing in iPhones and iPads when 15.2 updates. It will show a detailed view of how apps are using your data and sensors.

This will be a very popular feature with consumers who don’t want the apps they use to steal their data, or to sell it to third-parties. Apps that rely on sneakily grabbing people’s data will hate this feature. Be ready for some of your apps to try and convince to let them take your data.

According to Macworld, another new feature is Digital Legacy. It was designed to make things simpler for those who are trying to access a loved one’s Apple ID after their death. It allows users to specify a person as a Legacy Contact, who will then be able to request access to the deceased person’s Apple account using a recovery code.