Afraid to go house-to-house tonight? You can play Google’s Halloween game

There are plenty of reasons to be afraid of this night every year – people who place coffins on their porches and suddenly sit up as you ascend the steps, mechanical ghosts and witches that scream or give an evil laugh as you approach them, you see pretty much everything out there. 

This year, though, is especially problematic, with Coronavirus, or Covid-19, running rampant, especially in the US, which just set a new record for new cases in a single day just yesterday. Halloween is designed to fake scare you, but his year it genuinely can. 

Well, it you don’t want to go out with a mask under a mask (the recommendation) then you can at least play a fun, non-scary, Halloween game. 

Head to and click on the Google doodle. You will get a brief example of how to play and then the ghosts will start coming after you. Slowly at first, so it’s fairly easy, but it won’t take long for the pace to pick up and you’ll be surrounded and have them closing fast. It becomes difficult to eliminate them before they’re on you. 

It’s a fun time-waster. A distraction from current events. It sort of harks back to Atari days. Not quite, but it does have that feel. 

By all means, give it a try whether you do or don’t head out there tonight. If you go please take the necessary precautions and stay safe.