Apple is Reopening Stores with COVID-19 Safety Measures

Apple announced its approach to reopening Apple Stores. They have created a Find a Store search tool that people can use to find out if the Apple Store near them has reopened. Apple is making changes in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In every store, we’re focused on limiting occupancy and giving everybody lots of room, and renewing our focus one-on-one, personalized service at the Genius Bar and throughout the store.

Additional changes include the requirement that their teams and customers all wear face coverings. Apple will provide them to customers who don’t bring their own. Temperature checks will be conducted at the door of the store. Posted health questions will screen for those with symptoms, like cough or fever, or who have had recent exposure to someone with COVID-19.

Those who do not wish to comply with these efforts are probably not going to be allowed inside an Apple Store. That said, Apple will allow for curb-side-pick-up and drop off. Or, you can make your purchase online, and Apple can ship it to your home or make your new items available for pick-up at an Apple Store.

Apple will be conducting deep cleanings that place special emphasis on all surfaces, display products, and highly trafficked areas.

Things are going to change inside and outside Apple Stores. I think most people will comply with the mask requirement, especially those of us who have been making it a practice to wear masks when outside. But, there is likely to be someone who decides to have a tantrum because they refuse to wear a mask. I expect there will be photos on social media about that.

It will be interesting to see how these health and safety requirements hold up whenever Apple releases the newest version of one or more of their products. People tend to get queue up in lines outside Apple Stores before the store opens on the day a new product becomes available for sale.

Will people wait their turn in a socially-distanced line outside the store? Or will they attempt to push past the employees who are checking for masks and taking temperatures of customers? I suppose it comes down to whether an individual values their health more, or less, than the newest Apple product.

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