Tailwind iQ3 Smart Module at CES 2016

TailwindTailwind is a Canadian startup that will be publicly showing their first product, the multi-use Tailwind iQ3 smart module, at CES 2016. The unique tech gadget allows homeowners to use their smartphones or other smart devices like Apple Watch to control and monitor their garage doors, fireplaces, sprinkler systems, sump pump water levels, pool heaters, and security systems. Many more applications are planned for 2016.

The suggested retail price for the Tailwind iQ3 starts at less than $40. The iQ3 can notify you if your home alarm system goes off while you are away – with no monthly fee. It can function as a connected security system for sheds and garages. Homeowners can use their smartphones to control and monitor up to 3 garage doors with one module for up to 80% less than competing models.

Tailwind can control a gas fireplace for 50% less than a typical fireplace remote control. It can control a pool heater without requiring a special hub or control systems costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars. A second Tailwind iQ3 can be placed on your night table to alert you of any problems if you turn off your smartphone at night.

Visit Tailwind, and see live demos, at CES 2016 at booth # 80762.