Aumeo Audio – World’s First Tailored Audio Device – At CES 2016

Aumeo AudioAumeo Audio is the world’s first tailored audio device. It was designed to unlock your best hearing solution. Aumeo has been fully funded on Indiegogo and will be at CES 2016.

The main concept is that not all ears are built the same. Everyone hears differently. Your audio equipment has no way of knowing exactly how differently you hear. As such, it cannot take your unique hearing into account when it delivers sound to you. It just assumes that everyone hears the same across all frequency ranges.

Connect your phone and any pair of earbuds or headphones to Aumeo. Create your unique audio profile with the companion app, AumeoPlayer. It is available for iOS and Android. They suggest you create your profile in a quiet place.

Your audio profile will be stored on Aumeo. It will adjust your music based on your audio profile. Aumeo lets music lovers hear all the music without ear-straining or ear-damaging volumes. Aumeo is available for preorder via their Indiegogo at $149.00 and will begin shipping in January of 2016.

Visit Aumeo Audio at CES 2015 in Sands, Hall G, # 82026