Emfit Announces Emfit QS at CES 2016

Emfit QS device and sensor with iPhoneEmfit was founded in 1990 in Kuopio, Finland. Since 2003, their whole products development focus has been purely on non-contact vital signs and bed monitoring applications. They are announcing the Emfit QS at CES 2016.

Emfit QS is the world’s first contact-free sleep tracker with heart-rate variability. It gives you a detailed description of your sleep quality, stress level, and progression of recovery. It does not require the use of a straining chest strap or wrist band. The sensor can be unobtrusively installed under a mattress (even a thick one).

Tracking heart-rate-variability throughout the night gives you a detailed picture of progression of your recovery during the night. The Evening RMSSD value shows accumulated stress over the day. The Morning RMSSD provides recovery status and readiness for a new day.

The RMSSD data allows you to optimize your training schedule according to actual body requirements. It can help you avoid overtraining and can give you a peak performance at the office, too.

Emfit QS can record the total amount and structure of sleep and the percentages of recuperating REM and DEEP sleep. It can record heart rate, respiration rate, and activity during the entire night.

Visit Emfit at booth # 73526 at CES 2016.