YouTube Reveals the Top Ads of 2015

youtube logoWhat was your favorite commercial out of all the ones that were shown in 2015? It might be among the ones on the YouTube Ads Leaderboard for 2015. Every year, YouTube highlights the top 10 of the most popular ads of the year.

The ads are determined by a number of factors, including watch time, organic video views, engagement, and audience retention. The ads on the list each have their own unique message, but also have something in common. According to YouTube, all of the ads “went mobile”.

Collectively, the ads that made this year’s YouTube Ads Leaderboard top ten were watched more than 470 million times this year. Nearly two-thirds of those views took place on mobile devices. This marks the first time that more people watched the top 10 ads of the year on mobile devices than on desktop devices.

This year, the top trending ad was for Clash of the Clans: Revenge (Official Super Bowl TV Commercial). I’ll leave you to visit the YouTube blog for the full list of top ads.