Take the other side: Dumb Ways to Live for Android

The Australian Metro campaign to alert citizens to railroad safety took on a life of its own, with a catchy song and video titled “Dumb Ways to Die”. Soon after it took off, a game of the same name was released, first for iOS then, more recently, for Android. The game plays off of the music video, featuring the same little creatures and tasking the player with keeping them safe while faced with the same deadly situations from the song.

However, if you grow tired of the characters, then there is good news for you. A new game, titled “Dumb Ways to Live” is now available. The game, which comes in both free and $0.99 ad-free versions, takes the opposite approach.

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You will find the same characters and similar situations, but instead of saving them, you are expected to do your best the kill off each character. You will need to be quick, this is about speed and reflexes. When you first launch the game you do, thankfully, get a chance to practice each scenario.

The game is uncomplicated, but it does require quick reaction times and it’s a rather amusing little time waster, and much more cartoonish than real shooter games. You can grab it from the Google Play store.

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