Is the Hulu Desktop app dead?

Hulu, while being a great service used my many customers around the country (and world if you know how a proxy works), seems to have a bit of an identity problem. To be fair, the crisis almost certainly stems from the networks behind the service. The web site has been known to cut off browsers when it detects they are coming from such devices as Google TV, but now it has apparently done away with its desktop apps.

The apps for both Windows and Mac have unceremoniously, and unannounced, disappeared from the web. The app had been around since back in 2009 and even supported remote controls such as those dedicated to Windows Media Center.

when asked, a Hulu support rep indicates they are “investigating the matter“. He went on to state that the company “hope to make the link available again soon”.

hulu desktop

Personally, I find it no great loss. While I had used a hack for plugging in the Hulu app to my Windows Media Center HTPC, I never actually used it, never purchased the Plus account and have moved on to Google TV which does not have a Hulu app and can not access the service from the browser. I find Amazon Prime to be more than adequate.

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