Google Gives the Nexus 7 the Best Advertising Space in the World

Google recently introduced the Nexus 7 tablet and it became an immediate hit and probably the most popular Android tablet on the market with the possible exception of Amazon’s Kindle Fire.  The Nexus 7 can only be purchased online through the Google Play Store or at select retail locations like GameStop.

While Google hasn’t been pushing the advertisements for the tablet, other than a few AdSense ads, today they gave it perhaps the best piece of real estate on the internet – the Google home page.  The ad is small and unobtrusive, appearing just below the search box.  It states simply “The playground is open. The new $199 tablet from Google.”  When clicked, it directs the user to the Play Store, where they can purchase the 8 GB $199 tablet or the 16 GB $249 version.

While Nexus 7 sales are expected to surpass the Kindle Fire in the not-too-distant future, Amazon is also rumored to be rolling out a new version of their tablet offering, possibly with a 10 inch Kindle Fire to compliment the current 7 inch version.

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