Grooveshark Android App Back in the Google Play Store

grooveshark google play store

Last year Grooveshark made a brief appearance in the Google Play Store (known as the Android Marketplace at the time), but was pulled due to disputes with music labels.  Those disputes aren’t entirely resolved and the music service is still in the midst of legal wranglings with three of the four major labels.

With the lawsuits in mind, it was a bit of a surprise that Google decided to reinstate the app, which has continued to be available from the Grooveshark web site as well as third-party app stores.  The app wasn’t expected back in the store until all of the legal issues had been cleared up, as Google tends to distance itself from inviting potential lawsuits.  There was no announcement made regarding the reinstatement being made or even why it was done.

The app is free from the Google Play Store, but mobile music streaming will cost the user $6.99 monthly.  Use of the web service is free of charge.

One thought on “Grooveshark Android App Back in the Google Play Store

  1. At first I got excited, then I saw they’re still charging an absurd fee for it. I can maybe understand a CARRIER charging extra fees for this due to data usage, but does it really cost Grooveshark that much to offer a simple app? Give me a break. I can load up their web service straight from my phone anyways. They’re just making money off of the gullible.

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