Microsoft Will Have Holiday Stores

The Summer isn’t over yet. In some places, the new school year has yet to begin. My limited experience in retail was enough to show me that now is the time that retailers start rolling out their plans for the upcoming holiday shopping season. Microsoft is no exception to this rule of retail.

Microsoft is planning on putting up several “pop-up” Holiday Stores in cities across the United States, (and one in Canada). There will be about a dozen of them, in total.

These new stores are going to be temporary, (as will the jobs of the people who are hired to work in these stores, I presume). I guess this is a new way to hire some extra seasonal workers, and to easily let them go in January, or whenever the holiday shopping season is officially over. Or, to look at this in a more positive light, Microsoft will be one of the stores that is intending to hire workers for the holiday season. Not every company is going to do that.

The temporary Microsoft holiday stores will be located in Natick, MA, St. Louis, MO, Cleveland, OH, Portland, OR, San Francisco, CA, San Antonio, TX, Braintree, MA, Manhattan, NY, and there will also be one in Downtown Chicago, IL. Florida will get two holiday stores, one in Miami, and the other in North Miami. There will also be one store located in Vancouver, BC.

Interested in picking up some work as a Store Manager or Assistant Store Manager at one of the Microsoft Holiday Stores? You can start by clicking on a link on the Microsoft website that tells you more about the jobs, and notes which locations there are positions that are yet to be filled.