The New iPad Review

iPad My new white iPad arrived today, a 16 GB WiFi only version.  I previously had the first generation iPad, so this review is for someone who is going from the first generation to the third generation iPad. I am aware that some of the things I will talk about were already available in the iPad 2. The first thing I noticed when I took the iPad out of the box is it feels more balanced than the first generation iPad (aka iPad 1). When I was reading on the iPad 1 I always felt like it was about to tip forward, that isn’t happening on this one so far. However it does get heavy fast if you are holding it up to shoot a video. I predict that someone will come out with a tripod for the iPad fairly quickly, because I do see potential for it being used to film videos. If you are replacing an iPad I would recommend updating all your apps first and then use the backup to set up your new iPad. Once you finish setting it up you can’t help but notice how beautiful the screen appears with the retina display.  Apps that are retina display ready really just pop. I almost don’t need my reading glasses when looking at a retina display app. I think that for any app that is video or image related being retina display capable will be a must. I have tried the voice dictation and it works very well, as long as you don’t speak too fast and you enunciate. It does work better in a quiet room and if you use headphones with a mic, then without. I love the WiFi mirroring, which wasn’t available in the iPad 1. In the iPad 1 you could stream video and music, but that was all. Now I can mirror exactly what is on my iPad to the Apple TV. To do this you have to turn on mirroring on through the music application in the dock first. If you had the iPad 2 I realize this is old news, but I know a lot of people who went from iPad 1 to the current iPad and skipped the iPad 2 where this is new.

I am very happy with the new iPad. If you haven’t gotten an iPad yet or are still using the first generation iPad I would recommend taking a look at the current generation of iPad. If you have the WiFi version of the iPad 2 I not sure it is worth the upgrade, although I have to say the retina display does look beautiful.

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  1. The Retina Display on the new iPad is such a beautiful screen. I upgraded from a first generation iPad, so there was a huge difference in the performance and look of it. I have the white 16GB LTE iPad, since I don’t save very much to it; the memory is not a problem. Having LTE has been great. I was at the airport a few hours early last week, and I just took out my iPad and started watching live TV in HD using the DISH Remote Access app. I use this app a lot; usually while on lunch at DISH where I work, and it was nice being able to catch up on my shows while waiting for my flight. I’m very happy with my iPad!

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