Scanner Pro for the iPhone

On occasion I have something that I want to scan it may be a recipe from a magazine, a leaflet or a receipt for a product. However I don’t scan enough for it to make financial sense to buy a full scanner. So what are my possible solutions, I could borrow a friend’s scanner or go to an office supply store to have them scan it, neither of these options are very practical. The answer is an application available for the iPhone called Scanner Pro.

Scanner Pro works great, just take a picture either within the app or by pulling in a picture from your photo album. It will automatically detect the edge of a document, It also has advance image processing. If you want to crop the document manually, just tap on it and make your adjustments. You can also adjust brightness and contrast. You can customize the page size , which is great if you are scanning a receipt. You can preview your documents before sending them and protect them with a password. Once you’ve scanned the documents you can upload the resulting PDF file to Dropbox, Google Docs, Evernote, iDisk or a WebDav application. You can also Fax, print or email the document. If you have GoodReader installed you can open and annotate a scanned document within it right on the iPhone.

I like Scanner Pro it works. However I had a little trouble figuring how it worked, the on-screen directions are not very clear. There are a couple of other problems with Scanner Pro. The first is how good the picture depends on how steady you can hold the iPhone and how well the autofocus works. Second you also need to be in a well-lit room to get a good scan. Finally Scanner Pro is great for scanning a few documents every once in a while, however if you are going to be scanning a lot you are better off getting a dedicated scanner. Scanner Pro is available thru iTunes for $6.99.