A Couple of Applications for Independence Day

The 4th of July is coming up here in the U.S. on Monday, which of course means a lot of parades and firecrackers. Unless it rains, which of course somewhere it will. If it does rain in your area there are a couple of iPhone and iPad application, that may help some. The first application is called Firework Arcade by Mike Newman. This is a free app, with ads although if you pay .99 cents you can get rid of the ads. It has two modes a gaming mode and a show mode. The gaming mode has 5 versions you can play, Spark Samurai, Zen Warrior, Minefield, Spark-A-Mole and Someone Said. They all have the same basic premise swipe or tap the fireworks to make them go off before they disappear from the screen, but watch out for the bombs. The faster you go the more points you get. You also get points by popping multiple fireworks at a time. This method has been used in many games it is easy to understand and rather addictive. If you just want to watch some fireworks just hit the Firework Show on the menu and sit back and relax.

The second application is more for information and learning it is Declaration, There is a copy of The Declaration of Independence you can read. A picture of the Declaration on parchment and an engraved copy of the Declaration of Independence. It also has a short biography of all the signers of the Declaration. A brief history of its creation and how it was publish. There is also a copy of the famous picture by John Trumbull of the signing of the Declaration and some information about it.

I know these applications have little to do with technology, but on The Fourth of July things should be about fun and if you learn something along the way thats ok too.