GNC-2011-03-11 #654 Tsunami Inbound!

The massive earthquake hits Japan just as I start my show, we are under a Tsunami Warning here in Hawaii with first strike due at 3am local. Based on what has happened in Japan it could be bad. The Ohana watching the show live were feeding me information, kinda weird to talk about a live event in which I knew most of you would be listening post show. Needless to say lots of tech to talk about tonight as well.

Note: My home is 1000 feet above sea level we are safe.

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Show Notes:
Jobs digging on Samsung.
Clearwire Class Action Suit.
Planet Protection Officer.
Apple Purchase Policy.
AOL Fires 900.
NYT Editors call us Pirates.
Instapaper 3.0
iPhone App Identifies Bills.
Rover Model.
New Way of Watching TV.
Hide Search Results.
Brain CFL Light.
Customized Figurine.
Disk Storage History.
SuperMoon Joke.
Star Shockwave.
Solar Flare.
Aliens will comes as Machines.
Voyager up to new Tricks!
Near Earth Asteroid.
Mercury Images.
Limewire Settles?
Pirate Roundup.
P2P Uploader Arrested.
iPad Garageband Review.
Flat Scissors.
Sleep Phase Alarm.
See through Hard Drive.
Sheen Using Social Media to make Cash!
Apple TV Live Programming.
Branded Entertainment Spending.
Sand Prices Drop.
New Zealand Interactive Disaster Map.
Ink for all my Friends.
Clearwire CEO Quits.
FCC to Arrest Cell Phone Jammers.
ISS is Complete?
Sony 3G Camera.
Control-Alt-Delete Origin.
New Fuel Advances.
VMware App.
Winamp for Android.
iOS 4.3 Sync Issues?
Motorola Xoom Mod.

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One thought on “GNC-2011-03-11 #654 Tsunami Inbound!

  1. This is truly devastating. Worst earthquake since records began? I hope this isn’t some apocalyptic doom…

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