GNC-2011-02-10 #646 Having a Blast Stay Till End!

I delve a lot deeper than I normally do, but they are worthy discussions. Had a blast doing this show even though I had a late start. You will want to weigh in on this one folks I think some of the community are starting to wake up that many of us are just pawns and not really appreciated. That being said, I want all of you to feel welcome and give a warm Aloha to the Ohana.

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Listener Links:
Battery Bill in Hawaii
Booking Cargo and Science to the Moon.

Show Notes:
China Ghost Cities?
Stardust Mission.
Daily Galaxy with host space news.
The Hubber Effect.
Spizer Image of Nebula.
No more Unlimited AT&T 4G.
BBC Android App.
Google Then and Now.
Yahoo iPad News App?
Don’t follow this Truck!
Apple Gaming TV?
HP Touchpad!
Cool Shredder
More Security at Google!
Sparrow for Mac.
Transparent Monitors.
Twitter Evaluation Explained.
iPhone Rush in Fargo N.D.
New Sponsor Model.
Bobble Bottle with Filter for Adults!
IE9 Release Candidate.
4.49 Gigs of RIAA free SXSW music.
BitTorrent and Saving BBC Content.
IE9 Yawn.
No 3D at Super Bowl?
Vatican Says Hold On!
Kelvin + Glass = Melt.
Man Finds Rocket on Road?
What if No Facebook IPO?
Twitter going to Facebook or Google?
Should you be Paid?
Techmeme Blew it on Whitelist.
Sprint adds customers.
Verizon iPhone $171.30!
Facebook says no Google Ads!
Are ISP’s like Police?
Sony gets to look insider Computer!
State Run Chinese hackers attack US Systems.
Don’t surf Adult material at home with work PC.
Why some people steal software and music.
Huffington Post bites hands that feed them.
Time Warner crying about not being able to LIE.
***The full Story to Anonymous and a Idiot CEO.

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